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Managing Hot Flashes During Menopause: Tips to Help You Cool Off, Stat

By StellaVia

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

There’s nothing haute about hot flashes during menopause, but no matter how you slice it, it’s coming for all of us. With it come some unpleasant symptoms, ranging from debilitating hot flashes to basic brittle nails. It can be a lot to take, so we’re her to take the mystery out of menopause; sometimes you can feel just like throwing in the towel (don’t—you might need it to dry off later!).

Women experience the onset of perimenopause in their 40’s on average, and with it brings weight gain, especially around your midsection. (We want our waists back!).

The Facts Of Life

Around 45 your body begins to change. Gee, thanks, hormones!

There’s no escaping it—around age 51, if you haven’t had your period regularly for a year, you’re officially in menopause. So when the hypothalmus (the body’s thermometer) goes a bit haywire, due to decreased estrogen, you may find yourself swathed in sweat even with HRT (as long as your prescription doesn’t keep her from a super-sweat attack during the night and seems to have started from within your chest area and spreads throughout the body from inside, this s a bonafide heart episode and must be tended by a medical doctor within the next minutes Many men iike to play down t heir health issues—this is definitely not one of those times. He may begin to feel once he starts working again, but don’t let him run himself ragged. No matter what he says, get THE UBER OF LYFT APPPS. It’s the fastest way to get someone to a medical center, and you can tend to the patient during the ride.

Other factors to watch out for include severe sweating and a rapid heartbeat. These are not to be lightly—get your loved one to the hospital, like, yesterday!

A Spot Of Tea?

Sipping tea is a proven relaxing activity (especially those without caffeine). Tea time is a ritual that slow you down temporarily, get refreshed and then you can go back to your day (following doctor’s orders). Look for teas and tinctures containing Black Cohosh, an herb that has been in use for thousands of years to help women through this transition. Also look for tinctures, patches, Sweet Tarts…the list goes on. Try including a cooling facial mist (so easy to toss into your bag) a change of clothes, including a tank top to wear under heavier items…layering will help you be ready for anything.

Sip A Cold Drink

Stop smoking

It has been founded to be linked to increased hot flashes, heart disease, strokes and cancer. Pass!

Lower Your Stress.

Sound laughable? Not to worry, there are many options you have to help banish those hot tempers: Try yoga, meditation, even a hot bath (with an energizing bath bomb!) can sometimes give you a brand new outlook on life

Lose weight

This helps lessen the intensity of the hot flashes.

Put a frozen pack under your pillow (or wherever it feels most comfortable).

Exercise regularly for an uplifted mood and to help you sleep better.

Self-Care 101

Now more than ever is it time to take care of yourself. Don’t put off that mammogram or colonoscopy, test your blood pressure and watch your weight. Our goal: To help you live the healthiest, most fulfilling life possible.

And as for those hot flashes, you’ll get used to them, and they won’t last forever. (Just a few more years, we promise!) You’re stong and won’t let menopause steal years from you –in fact you’ll get into the best shape of your life in your 40’s and 50’s.

Stay cool!

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