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Menopause Symptoms In Your Late 40s

By StellaVia

Menopause symptoms in your late 40s are totally normal and manageable.

Most women experience menopause, the time their periods end, between ages 45 to 55. However, you may begin having symptoms years before. The signs are different for every woman.

StellaVia’s doctor co-founders Dr. Jessica Shepherd and Dr. Allyson Shrikhande have identified 34 symptoms of menopause. Below we share the most common and include some fact-based and natural solutions that can help you.

Irregular Periods

You miss your period one month and the next month it’s back.
Make a period diary so you have a clear picture of what’s happening. And be aware – you can still get pregnant.

Hot Flashes

A sudden rise in body temperature especially across your chest.
It’s experienced by some 80% of women in menopause.
Women who have hot flashes in their 40s versus later in life, may have to deal with them for a longer time.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can lessen hot flashes, but isn’t safe for every woman. Try a natural alternative made with Eucalyptol, for relief at home or at work.

Night Sweats

You awaken drenched with perspiration. This is disturbing and can rob you of a good night’s sleep.

Keep your room temperature cool and dress lightly for bed. Going au natural with a couple of light cotton sheets may also help.

Mood Changes

Anxiety and irritability often accompany the menopause journey. Your mood is up one day and down the next.

Yoga and meditation are proven to help calm the nervous system.


Extended feelings of sadness or hopelessness require a medical check up. If you experienced an earlier depressive episode, for instance, as a teenager or postpartum depression, you are at higher risk for clinical depression during menopause. Take your feelings seriously, practice pampering yourself. Most importantly, see a therapist or your medical doctor, who may prescribe antidepressants. Additionally, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has shown significant success in treating depression.

Muscle Cramps and Joint Aches

Many women experience sore muscles and achiness in their joints during menopause. Sometimes the discomfort is concentrated in the legs.

Breast Tenderness

Sore breasts are a direct result of fluctuations in estrogen that affects your breast tissue.
Don’t. Skip. Mammograms. They can save your life. (It’s happened to us!).
And invest in a full-support bra to wear even when sleeping

Vaginal Dryness and Decreased Libido

Many women feel less “in the mood” which can be caused by decreasing estrogen and testosterone, the hormones that regulate sex drive.

According to Dr. Shrikhande, vaginal tissues become thinner and more easily irritated, making sex uncomfortable.

Many doctors prescribe estrogen cream for the area. Look for all-natural brands to help reduce inflammation and increase cellular regeneration.


Some women’s headaches become less severe during menopause.
But if you have migraines they may worsen during perimenopause. See your doctor with this information in hand.

Though you may experience menopause symptoms in your early 40s, it can still be a time for you to thrive with vibrancy and earned wisdom. Stay calm, focused and confident. You are not alone.


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