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In short, it means “Follow The Light of the Star.” The longer explanation goes something like this: You know the script: “Is it hot in here or is it me?,” we whisper during a sudden hot flash. “Keep acting like you’re enjoying it,” we tell ourselves during painful, dry sex. “Nod and they’ll think I’m following along,” says our inner voice when brain fog rolls in again.

Like it or not, these are the markers of a woman’s life. Every girl, if she’s lucky, will live long enough to experience the cycles of womanhood and gain some hard-earned wisdom along the way. Push aside those familiar feelings of shame and embarrassment; we know surviving (and thriving) major changes is something to be proud of, even boast about.

So share your experiences with us, and offer them up to those coming behind you with pride and generosity. We think the whispers need some added volume so we can hold onto the fact that even though our specific experiences are unique, we live through the same phases. Find comfort in those who have gone before you.

Learn from us. We’ve got you. Introducing StellaVia, a by women-for-women innovation group inspired to shift the paradigm of women’s cycles by creating doctor-formulated super-botanical products, artfully designed to help women thrive in all of the cycles in their lives.

(sup*HER*bo*tan*/e/*kul) n. Throughout history, women have used natural botanicals in their wellness routines. The widely accepted idea that botanicals are beneficial, are like a dream come true for many women who are experiencing different need states their changing bodies as they age.

The founders of StellaVia discovered that botanicals mixed in innovative formulations may help to provide hope and optimism that help is on the way…and therefore create a SuperBotanical™. StellaVia’s proprietary SuperBotanical formulas are created by women doctors with the knowledge that every woman seeks smart, natural solutions to their wellness journey. StellaVia’s technologies bring together Eastern and Western technologically advanced medicinal philosophies to create the perfect union of holistic medicine.

We get why you’re asking. But we believe the time has come to embrace the years women spend in menopause, even to celebrate it. Plus, the packaging is elegant (if we do say so ourselves) enough to be displayed on any vanity. So, yes, give away! The recipient will surely be thankful.

Health, Safety and Ingredients

A big, booming, heartfelt NO to that question. We at StellaVia believe that all life is precious, and we would never participate in this archaic and unnecessary practice.

Yes, as our products are derived from natural sources such as plants, they do have an expiration date.  

Cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN) are two of the more than 100 types of natural chemical components called cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Unlike CBD, which is entirely non-psychoactive, CBN in larger doses can produce mild psychoactive reactions. CBN is newer to the market and not as well studied as CBD.

Just like with any supplement or medicine, you can take too much CBD. Please check with your doctor first before beginning to use CBD, as it can have negative interactions with other medications you’re taking, including blood thinners.
We recommend that you follow the directions on the packaging. Just like everything else, moderation is key.
We used the very least amount of sugar for our chocolates and gummies (ever calorie counts!). Just enough to make taking a StellaVia product a treat.

Orders, Shipping & Returns

For now, we’re keeping it simple. Here on StellaVia.com you can buy all our must-have chocolates, tinctures, gummies and patches that will truly change your daily life. Let us know at info@stellavia.com

Shipping costs are weight-based, carrier calculated. You will see your final shipping price at checkout.

Orders ship within 2 business days.
If you are dissatisfied for any reason with your order from StellaVia.com, we will gladly make an exchange or refund your money on unused/unopened items within 30 days of your original receipt. Simply return the unused item(s) to us, specifying whether you’d like an exchange or a refund. We will promptly reship or refund your credit card.
If you are returning products, a refund credit will be applied to your credit card within 5 business days upon receipt of the returned products. If you are not returning products, the credit will be applied to your credit card within 3-5 business days after your request is approved by our Customer Service Department. However, it may take up to 10 business days for the credit to appear on your credit card.