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Menopause Symptoms in Your Late 50s

By StellaVia

By the time a woman is in her late 50s she likely is in or has experienced menopause in the past.

The average age for menopause in America is 51 with most women experiencing menopause between 52 and 54, according to SWAN, a Study of Women’s Health in seven states across the Nation. As this figure suggests, a significant number of women go through menopause from age 55-60.

Symptoms typically last for several months to a few years, but for some women, they can go on for as long as 14 years.

Menopause symptoms in your 50s are similar in many – though not all- cases – to those experienced by women in other age groups.

Several of the major menopause symptoms are caused by a gradual decline in estrogen. Eventually, a woman’s ovaries stop releasing eggs and her periods end.


Hot Flashes

Your temperature suddenly shoots up. This can last for three minutes or more.Triggers include caffeine, alcohol and stress. It’s wise to dress in lightweight sleeveless tops and always keep a spritzer and a bottle of cold water nearby.

Muscle and Joint Aches

This is an important reminder that the loss of estrogen makes women more susceptible to weakening bones. As you approach your 60s it’s important to add bone-building supplements to your diet including calcium and vitamin D.

Irregular periods

One month you may menstruate, the following month, nothing.

Anxiety. Irritability. Depression

You feel on edge. You’re easily angered. Or you feel hopeless.
Fluctuating hormones wreak havoc on your nervous system leading to these emotional disturbances so common with menopause in your late 50s.

Symptoms of menopause in your late 50s, often coincide with other impactful life changes. Women can find themselves facing an empty nest, caring for an older parent or managing so-called gray divorce.

Meditation, anti depressants and CBD (cognitive behavioral therapy) are recommended for managing disruptive moods during menopause. Hang in there. It will eventually resolve itself, studies show.

Memory Loss

Temporary memory loss and confusion, also known as brain fog, appears for many women during menopause. This is not the same as age-related memory loss.


You frequently feel like you want to curl up on the couch and take a nap in the middle of the day.

Vaginal Dryness and Decrease in Sexual Desire

Libido can take a dive just as you experience vaginal dryness and painful intercourse due to plummeting hormone levels.
Look for all-natural products to help reduce inflammation and increase lubrication, cellular regeneration and elasticity.

Night Sweats

You awaken drenched in perspiration.
Keep your room cool and a bottle of cold water on your nightstand. Apply water to your skin as well as taking a drink to lower body temperature quickly.

A Racing Heart

This feels like your heart is beating faster. It can be scary when you are approaching middle age – a time when heart disease becomes more common. It may be harmless, but be sure to check in with your doctor.


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