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Menopause Gifts – 7 Best Must-Have Ideas | Stella Via

By StellaVia

Our best gifts for menopause

Hostess gifts. They are still “a thing”– even though you may think of them as yesterday’s news. But we at StellaVia believe it just isn’t right to turn up empty-handed to a friend who has made you dinner or is putting you up for the weekend. What’s better than a chic, effective product they will actually use? (Bath bombs–you’ve had your day!).

First, you might ask yourself if it is even appropriate to give a gift that addresses menopause at all. Is it too “out there” or personal or just, um, extra? The answer is a resounding no! Today, women of all ages are talking about their life changes, out in the open.

With StellaVia products, women can be proud to display the superchic packaging on their vanities (we envision it on Charlotte York Goldenblatt’s vanity). So go ahead and take a look at the many chic, effective menopause gift options we at StellaVia have to offer. You’ll find something for every woman on your list.

Gifts for Relaxation

Tincture to Relax

Our Tincture to Relax is full of superstar SuperBotanicals™. Derived from essential oils like clove and rosemary, this wonder cannabinoid binds with CB2 receptors to help relieve anxiety, lessen pain, and reduce cholesterol.

Chocolates For Relax

Stressing? Take the edge off with these treats containing small amounts of CBD, long used for its adaptogenic properties (a fancy way of saying it helps calm your nerves). Our SuperBotanical™ Calm Chocolates are an innovative blend of CBD, Passion Flower Extract, Ashwagandha Root and other botanicals. Tip: It also helps with menopause-related weight gain (which means it happens mostly around your waistline…no thanks!).

Gifts for Hot Flashes

Hot Flash Spritz

Sourced from an essential oil that comes from the leaves of the Australian tea tree, this wonder substance has long been touted to soothe and protect skin with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Our powerful, SuperBotanical™ Hot Flash Spritz aims to cool and refresh while leaving your skin glowing.

Gifts for Sleepless Nights

Gummies for Sleep

Our SuperBotanical™ Sleep GumDrops contain CBD, CBN, Skullcap and Passion Flower Extract handcrafted with natural fruit juice for great taste.We insisted on the lowest level of sugar coating to keep them fresh and yummy – while not being too heavy on your tummy! Enjoy a GumDrop 30 minutes before heading to bed.*

Patches for Sleep

Wide awake while the rest of the world slumbers? We’ve all been there! Time to take control! Our proprietary SuperBotanical™ Sleep Patches have Skullcap Herb Powder and aromatherapeutic Lavender Oil.

Gifts for Focus

Gum Drops For Energy

Get focused with our innovative and delicious GumDrops. Our SuperBotanical™ Energy GumDrops may taste like a treat, but these CBD infused GumDrops contain the flavor of natural fruit juices and a low sugar coating. We insisted on the lowest level of sugar coating to keep them fresh and yummy – while not being too heavy on your tummy.

Gifts for Intimacy

Vulva Cream

Skincare for “down there”. Our proprietary SuperBotanical™ V Cream formula aims to address thinning vaginal tissue with an innovative Ultra Low Molecular Weight version of Hyaluronic Acid and Organic Coconut Oil to assist in delivering a higher ratio of moisturization.

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